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Third Contact (Indie film) at the Ultimate Picture Palace - with director Q&A

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This meetup is a unique opportunity to see a one time only screening of a feature length film that was 100% independently made and financed (for £4000) by its director, Simon Horrocks. There will be a director Q&A session after the showing. The film in question is called Third Contact - for more details see


- and it will show at the Ultimate Picture Palace on February 18th at 9pm (doors open 8.30pm). This is a 'once-only' showing so if you would like to book in advance to avoid disappointment you may do so at

The film itself is a cerebral Science Fiction piece. It starts by focusing on a Psychologist who launches an investigation into the mysterious deaths of two of his patients. However these apparent 'suicides' may not be what they seem. Where this all leads remains to be revealed but links on the film web site to sections about the quantum nature of life and death, and the 'many worlds' theory of existence perhaps provide a pointer....

This screening was made possible by crowdfunding and thanks to the generosity of those who support and value independent cinema this film is now going ahead. This will be a great opportunity to be part of something special and unique, and a million miles away from the multiplex blockbuster experience!

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