We don't make too many trips to the cinema, but there are some intriguing films around at the moment, so if anybody's interested in meeting at the Phoenix in Jericho next Thursday, Robot and Frank has had good reviews.

Meet in the Phoenix cafe-bar upstairs from 6pm. Afterwards we can go for a drink and discuss the film, either at a local pub or the Albion Beatnik bookstore and cafe.

Call:[masked] to locate the group on the night

How will we react when the automatons take over?

This is the fascinating, perhaps ominous, premise of Jake Schreier’s directorial debut, which won him major awards at both Sundance and Sitges festivals last year. Set in the near future, the question arises as we follow tetchy, long-widowed retiree Frank Weld (the venerable Frank Langella) whose concerned, grown-up kids – harried business-type Hunter and hippie-dippy Madison – insist that a robot provides the homecare that they can’t, or perhaps won’t.

However, Frank has a guilty secret: as an ex-burglar he yearns to get back into a trade that he’s become a bit too frail to handle, and soon realises that a robot accomplice, conveniently devoid of conventional moral qualms, could be very useful. An unlikely bond between man and machine is formed.

Underpinning the great performances is a script by another talented newcomer, Christopher D. Ford, while Schreier’s assured direction avoids Hollywood stereotypes to create a gem of a movie that never quite goes where you think it’s headed.

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