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Oxford University presents 'Audreys' - comedy revue


Is there any kind of performance art more terrifying than comedy? In poetry, no matter how dreadful you are, people will clap; in music, hecklers can be drowned out with volume; even forgetful actors have the audience willing them to remember their lines, but fail to make people laugh as a comedian and the silence seems akin to damnation from the almighty.

Oxford Arts Group makes a rare foray into this world of fear and trembling on Tuesday evening with the final event of Audreys, Oxford University's comedy revue.

£2 offers you "...Laughter, sweat, emotional and sticky hour-ish of the best sketch & stand-up comedy in Oxford, plus the chance to win a pint!"

They try to make it all seem light-hearted, but in the words of Bob Monkhouse:

'When I said I wanted to be a comedian, everybody laughed.................they're not laughing now".

Meet upstairs at The Wheatsheaf from 8pm - look for the arts group signs, and wear a happy face, for the sake of humanity, if not yourself.

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