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Join if you: work with, want to learn about, or meet folks interested in the peer-to-peer (p2p) and decentralized web (dweb) as well as alternative networks. Some examples of projects include Beaker Browser, Dat, Secure Scuttle Butt, IPFS, mesh networking, and more...

We want to grow a community of folks interested in these topics here in Toronto who also want to have conversations that address the possibilities for building more sustainable, just, and equitable networks with this tech. Technologists welcome, but you don't have to be one to attend. Come and join us!

Events posted in this meetup:
- Bi-monthly meetups hosted by Our Networks organizers https://ournetworks.ca/meetups

All events have a Code of Conduct.

Want to list your event in this group? Get in touch for details: orga@ournetworks.ca

Past events (4)

Our Networks 2019 > RE: Infrastructures

Toronto Media Arts Centre

May p2p // dweb meetup: off/online networks

Mozilla Corporation Toronto

March p2p // dweb meetup: Peer publishing

Mozilla Corporation Toronto

Kickoff P2P and Decentralized Web Meetup

Mozilla Corporation Toronto

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