Earth Day Photo Shoot in Escondido: Birds, Wildlife & Former Farm Property

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Dog Dreams Foundation is the brainchild of Maja Wichtowski and Carol Jones, owners of Tsavo's Canine Rehabilitation Center in Del Mar. Maja and Carol have just closed on and are in the process of moving Tsavo's there to fulfil their dream to revolutionize the Canine Rescue World with a not for profit whose mission it is to provide discounted medical and rehabilitation services to rescue dogs and their adopters. When complete it will house full rehab center with an inground pool, water treadmills etc, a fully equipped veterinary hospital, an education center and a boarding facility for disabled dogs. The property is pasture/farmland and is teaming with bird and wildlife. Some birds include Great Egret, Great Blue Heron, Raven, Towhee, Yellow-rumped warbler, Western Kingbird, Black phoebe, Say's Phoebe, Scrub Jay, Song Sparrow, Hummingbirds, Dark-eyed Junco, Nutmeg Mannikin and more. There is an apple orchard, cherry trees and wildflowers. As of now there are outbuildings once used for farming, pasture fencing and opportunity for landscape photos.

The house is private so there are no bathroom facilities. Since this is pasture land boots and sturdy shoes are a must. Also bring water and sunscreen. We will be walking/hiking (easy) the property and of course, following the birdsongs which should be wonderful in the early morning!

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