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Sept San Diego Zoo Safari Park Shoot

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John T.
Sept San Diego Zoo Safari Park Shoot


Let's get up and go to San Diego Zoo Safari Park on Wed Sept 27 2023. The Park is open and you do not need reservations but you need season pass or tickets. Parking $20extra/car for non-members.

We will meet in front of the main gate at 8:30 AM, do the group photo at 8:45 AM and get in line. We will enter the Safari Park when it opens at 9:00 AM sharp! Plan on walking 3 to 5 miles until about noon.

If you are late, you can call me at 858-245-4000.

What to Bring:

Walking shoes, sunscreen, hat and water are all advised. Bring your medium to long lenses. Monopods can be helpful, but tripods are not recommended.

The route will be as follows: Walkabout Australia, Condor Ridge, Tiger Trail, Nairobi Village to Lemur Walk, elevators to Lion Camp, Rhinos and Elephants then on to the African Loop past Cheetahs back to elevators, Gorilla Trail to the bird aviary near the Exit.

We are flexible on what we shoot and can veer off to focus on what is happening that day.

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