Invest in QC FinTech and RevTechLabs Class 4 Info Session


QC FinTech and RevTech Labs Class 4 is already underway and this is your opportunity to invest in this class of hot start up companies.

We are utilizing a 506c Public Index Fund so you are welcome to bring anyone you want and spread the word.

While this meeting is open to the public, you will need to be verified as an accredited investor according to the SEC guidelines before you are able to invest.

You can find out more about the companies at

QC FinTech and RevTech Labs coordinated one of the first 506c Public Index Funds in the country and the first one in Charlotte last year for Class 3.

What is a 506c Public Index Fund?: It is a new way of raising funds for start ups that came on line in October 2013. It was enacted as part of the JOBS act but took some time to have the SEC issue regulations. It was sponsored by local US Congressman Patrick McHenry.

The idea is to remove the 'general solicitation' ban on private investments that has been in place since 1933. Until now, when you raised funds for start ups, you could not talk about in public (think social media, newspapers, social gathers, etc). You could only talk about it privately with those you already had a relationship with and that you thought was already an accredited investor.

Now we can promote however we want and anyone can hear the message. This has fundamentally changed the rules for start ups and the community that learns how to take advantage of this new fundraising tool, will have a substantial competitive advantage vs other communities with recruiting and retaining the best entrepreneurial start ups and talent.

Information about QC FinTech and RevTech Labs: QC FinTech and RevTech Labs are national accelerator programs focused on disruptive and revolutionary technologies. The QCFinTech program is designed to bring financial innovation to the payments, retail and consumer finance space. The RevTechLab program is designed to foster the development of early-stage mobile, software, consumer Internet, social, enterprise and web companies that will reshape the future.

Those companies are now in an intense 12 week incubation program that started March 2 and will end with a large Demo Day on May 20th. They will have access to over 100 mentors along with weekly Community Education and Training sessions.

Charlotte Business Journal Article:

Additional help we can use from everyone:

- Please forward this Meet Up to anyone in your personal network that you think may be interested in this opportunity. There is no restriction on who it can be sent to because this is a 506C public fund. They will need to be accredited to invest but anyone can hear about it. - What other groups of people should I try and attend over the next couple of weeks that would help raise the visibility of what we are doing to try and help these companies.

Why should someone consider investing or help promote and spread the word:

- These 10 companies in QC FinTech and RevTechLabs Class 4 represent a dramatic increase in Charlotte's visibility on the national start-up scene - There was a competitive international applications process where we selected less then 7% of companies that applied. We had over 115 applications from 22 countries and 23 states.

- This is a great first step to Angel investing - All start up investing is high risk but via the Index Fund you get instant diversification into a pool of 10 companies - They have been selected from a highly competitive application process - They are getting 12 weeks of intense incubation and acceleration leading up to the May 20th Demo Day where we will have a VCs and angel investors attending. - Minimum investments are $10,000 so this is extremely accessible for first time angel investors.

- Its great for Charlotte - If Charlotte can prove that we have a community that will rally around companies that attend the QCFT and RTL program, we will continue to draw companies from around the country and world in future classes. - This 506C public fund has been available for less then 6 months. If we can show that Charlotte can effectively utilize this new tool we can compete on a national level for recruiting companies.