What we're about

Packets and Pies' is a networking centric meet up focused on making networking more appealing and accessible to the broader tech community -- "let's make networking sexy again".

Therefore, you can expect each meet up to include at least 2 compelling talks (keynote/workshop/lightening talk), and, of course, pie (🥧)!

These workshops are dedicated to helping everyone learn how to build complex systems from networking to applications.

You can expect the following topics, but not limited to:

- Hybrid Cloud Deployment
- Service Mesh
- Containers / Orchestration (Kubernetes, Docker)
- Microservices
- Software-Defined Networks (SDA/SDN) / Network Automation
- Telemetry
- Security
- AI / ML

We are a group of individuals passionate about making networking more accessible and fun for everybody. Every meetup is open to all individuals from all levels of experience and walks of life!

Aside from learning cutting-edge technologies, you'll be able to meet like-minded individuals from leaders to experienced engineers over a delicious slice of pie.

We are proudly sponsored by the following:

1. Enterprise Networking Group, Cisco Systems
Venue and food sponsors

Please reach out to packets-and-pies-list@meetup.com if you are interested in speaking or becoming a future sponsor.


Guest Experiences
"You are in for a great treat with amazing hands-on workshops with a delicious slice of pie (and maybe ice cream)." - NP

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