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(ETW) M&G- Looking at the I Ching (aka Yiching, Yijing) in a more basic way.

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This is a discussion and workshop lead by Wisdom Seeker.

The ancient oracle has been used, and misused, in many ways for many centuries. Like many things from the East when brought to the West much of the foundations of understanding have been glossed over in the rush to use some of its features, its “oh shiny” aspects one might say.

The I Ching has three important levels, the lines, the trigrams, and the hexagrams. Failure to understanding the simpler leads to failure to understand the more complex. Most people immediately focus on the hexagrams when beginning to work with it. That often leads to disappointment.

We'll briefly discuss the ways to use the I Ching, talk briefly about lines, but devote most of our time to understanding and working with the middle level that are too often overlooked, the trigrams. By understanding trigrams a deeper understanding of the hexagrams becomes almost automatic.

If you have a favorite translation of the I Ching feel free to bring it, or them if you alternate among several. Choosing a translation can be more than half the battle with the I Ching. There is no universal perfect choice, the translation of the particular version of the I Ching you use should match you and what you are trying to do. I (Wisdom Seeker) feel very at home with Taoist/Daoist ideas and beliefs but my appreciation of Confucianism is more concept than reality. Different versions of the I Ching incorporate the ideas of those two schools of thought to different degrees.