Organizer, WYrdO


Knoxville, TN

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Sep 24, 2009


Dreamer of the Paradox... Facilitator for Sticks & Stones, Wyrdo, lover of Fae, and general jack of all trades. I love meeting people that are new to the community and path. Always open to questions - just drop me an email!

How did you find this meetup?


Do you follow a particular path, if so what is it?

Eclectic Celt/Elementalist

Do you serve or honor a particular deity?

The Fae, The Ancestors and the Divine in whatever form it may take this day.

What are your -Isms...? (Philosophies, Beliefs, Religio-spiritual Identifiers, etc.)

Elemental, Druid/Bard, Shamanistic, Ancestral, and Past Lives/Reincarnation