Patrick P.Patrick P.

Patrick P.

Assistant organizer


Knoxville, TN

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Sep 16, 2013


West Knox. Tend to follow more Tameran Wicca in my path. and and a computer / sci-fi nerd by hobby, and systems / network enginneer by day.

How did you find this meetup?

Through Rob and Ian

Do you follow a particular path, if so what is it?

Tameran Wicca. It's basically Neo-Pagan Wicca but incorporating Kemetic/Egyptian deities or practices.

Do you serve or honor a particular deity?

Khonsu / Bast

What are your -Isms...? (Philosophies, Beliefs, Religio-spiritual Identifiers, etc.)

I respect others' beliefs and religions as we all have our own sprititual and emotional needs to be met, and who is to say that one religion is less apt to bring about fulfillment of those needs than another? There are different means to the same end.