Past Meetup

10th biannual Weekend Workshop


Presentations include:

"Demystifying Lucumi" by Corina Guzman, Olosha, omo Oshun. Introduction to the Regla Lucumi path (aka Santeria), a beautiful West African based faith. The presentation will provide an overview of the Lucumi Orisha hierarchy, rituals, traditions and beliefs.

“The Havamal: A Pagan Path of Living” by Cliff Hamrick, MS, MA, LPC. The Havamal is an ancient text from the Norse which gives guidance on wisdom and a proper way of living. This presentation will discuss the origins of the text, provide samples from the text, and explain how it can be used in everyday life regardless of one's tradition.

“Who were the ancient Druids?” by Chris Godwin. Dispelling the misconceptions of the ancient patriarchal mystics who ‘gathering in stone circles at the solstices’ while providing the most accurate knowledge of their social and metaphysical existence.

“The Five Tiers of Magickal Correspondence in the Western Tradition” by Cedar Stevens. A fresh and surprisingly logical way of organizing the systems that the Western magickian uses for magick and as ways to explore and understand the Universe; the Doctrine of Signatures, the Elements, the Planets and the Zodiac.

“The Future of Paganry in Austin” by Torvald Adolphson. An ongoing presentation of future plans to provide community support, outreach, and funding to Austin area Pagan and Heathen groups with the ultimate goal of a physical central base of operation.

Current vendors include:

Wren's Runes

Split Rock Studio

World on a String

Dragonscale Chainmail

Natural Magick

BYO food/snack/drink potluck buffet (please bring a healthy* snack/entree/dessert/drink). *as healthy as you care to :)

Raffle of Pagan/Heathen items after every presentation

Proceeds from all funds raised support the Austin Pagan Pride Day project and the Austin Area Pagan Heathen Collective (AAPHC) organization.