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Our pairup event #4 is here and it's going to be unique. This time we are going to run for the first time our innovative matching tool for scheduling your meetings during the “speed dating” session. We are very excited to run such unique tool for the first time. For that purpose we prepared a short questionnaire with only 4 questions (http://bit.ly/U2BCcQ) required for the matching tool. Please make sure you fill up the form in order to participate in at least 2 meeting during the “speed dating” session.

As always, we will start the event with enriching your founder toolset. The Topics this time is NDAs and Founders Agreements. Most founders tend to request almost everyone they meet regarding their not-yet-established start-up, to sign an NDA, believing that their IP will be stolen the next day. But reality is that the danger lies usually with different parties, those that are closest to the project. Still, an NDA does bear significant meaning, in certain situations. One of those situations, is the relationship between the Founders themselves, which needs to be carefully regulated, in many aspects relating to confidentially and non-compete, but also to decision making mechanisms, rights attached to shares, etc.
Eyal Bar-Zvi, the lecturer, is an advocate and economist, and is well versed in advising start-ups and entrepreneurs. His firm represents dozens of start-ups, and specializes inter alia in Founders Agreements, Investment Agreements, and M&A. Eyal often lectures in these subjects to the Tel-Aviv University MBA students and in the Haifa University law faculty.

How to register to the event?
1. Fill up this applicants questionnaire ( http://bit.ly/U2BCcQ )
2. Set RSVP to yes

Meetup agenda:
17:00 – 17:15 welcome founders with coffee and soft drinks
17:15 – 18:00 NDAs and Founders Agreements – Eyal Bar-Zvi
18:00 - 18:10 Coffee break
18:15 – 19:30 “Speed dating” Networking

It's going to be fun..

The Israeli Founders Pair-Up Group