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I have been asked why Winter Horse Riding? Several reasons. First, no ticks, flies or other insects. Second, horses sweat in the summer. Third, the view and smell of the woods in the winter is fantastic. At least for me, this is so much more of a sensory experience just because it is in the winter.

WINTER HORSE BACK RIDING at the Red Buffalo Ranch

The maximum number of people that can ride at one time is 15. Different horses can accept different weights for riders. Here is the break down. When you sign up please email me with the weight of the rider(s) and I will reflect it here.

Currently available:

1 person up to 250 lbs available spots 1
3 people from 200 lbs to 240 lbs available spots 2
5 people from 175 lbs to 200 lbs available spots 5
6 people under 175 lbs available spots 4

If over 250 lbs call the stable at least 1 week in advance to give them time to arrange for a bigger horse.

The price is $35/hour and we will be riding for one hour. We may have to wait for horses so bring something hot to drink and of course it is winter so dress in layers and warmly. Have a jacket. The stable requires you to wear a helmet which they supply.

The horses are used to inexperienced riders so you do not need to be an expert. Of course if your nickname is Tex then there is the horse they keep in the back. The one called Widow-maker. The horses love mints and the stable will supply some upon request.