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    hi - I live in Center City Philly. I host a very popular every Monday Board Games Night as well as lots of other events (some I post here, others like Happy Hours I don't). Hope to meet you soon at our events!
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    I never thought of myself as a nerd or geek, but love Doctor Who, Firefly and most things Josh Whedon, the Marvel Universe, Star Trek. Will love to meet others with similar interests.
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    I have a poster of Darth Vader in my office that says "Who's Your Daddy?"
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    I speak geek, or I like to think so. I am a patent attorney with a background in computer science. I work in-house at a high tech company. I love being on the bleeding edge, and I love all things SciFi.
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    My name is Melanie. My friends tell me I am a total nerd. I love all things Sci/fi. I can't wait to meet new people.
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    A lifelong nerd, I'm recently divorced and looking to make new friends. I play(ed) D&D, love SF and fantasy and I'm working on my own novel(s). I was also a member of medieval recreation group back in the day and I still belly dance.
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    I believe in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things.
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    I'm Steph Yuhas, a nerdy film producer at Cinevore & Project Twenty1.
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    Hi... I've been looking for a group of nerds where I can allow my geeky side to show. I enjoy OT SW, Star Trek TOS and TNG, Firefly, comics, etc. My hobbies include custom action figures and watching good (and bad) movies/TV from the '70s and '80s.
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    Hello, Welcome to Southeastern PA Nerd Herd. Feel free to create meetings, attend meetings and generally enjoy life!
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    Because I'm a sci-fi fan
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    Gaming, Filk Music, Sci-fi/Fantasy movies, Dr. Who....yes I'm a NERD! :-)
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