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Non-Blocking and Blocking Concurrent Queue Algorithms

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Marco Rietveld presents Michael & Scott's paper on their CAS/non-blocking queue algorithm:

About the Paper

Michael and Scott are among the better known names in the area of synchronization and locking in computer science. This paper from 1996 is one of the first papers that explains a non-blocking algorithm. While the algorithms described in the paper have been improved upon since then, the paper is a good starting point for those interested in non-blocking algorithms and also showcases a number of concepts used in concurrency.

About the Speaker

Marco is a Java Software Engineer at JBoss (by Red Hat) where he works on the jBPM and Drools projects. He stays as far as possible away from anything having to do with the front-end and loves concurrency. He lives in Utrecht.

This talk is targeted at those who have at least a basic knowledge of one programming language, preferably C, C++ Java or a language that contains the concept of "threads". While some knowledge of concurrency ideas such as locks, or CAS (compare and swap) is helpful, I'll be introducing those ideas during the talk.