02/20 Lau Llobet on A Large-Scale Study of Programming Languages & Code Quality


[Paper link](https://web.cs.ucdavis.edu/~filkov/papers/lang_github.pdf)

Software engineers seem to develop a strange attachment for the tools they use. There seems to be consensus about "using the right tool for the right job" but the war about which tool is better suited for a job is a typical topic of discussion in our field. From Vim vs Emacs to OOP vs Functional programming most of the arguments seem to be based on feelings/abstract ideas instead of being backed by data.

Lau Llobet from Codurance will present a paper based on a large scale study of projects on Github trying to correlate different code quality metrics to the programming language that those projects are written in.

This will be a good occasion for discussing some controverted topics and try to shed light on an endless discussion.

About the author:

Lau Llobet discovered his passion for programming methodologies when he read the Clean Code book, directly after finishing his software engineering degree. Since then he has had the opportunity to practice clean code in several fields, including research, startups and education. He loves languages and their ability to define and deliver concepts.

About Codurance

Codurance is a partner to create a more sustainable and adaptable future via well-crafted software and positive cultural change.
They help development teams to get better at continuously delivering software through the application of Extreme Programming practices and Software Craftsmanship values. The way they work is firmly grounded in Software Craftsmanship and Agile principles. They believe that software should continuously add value to the business with inherent quality that allows it to evolve along with the changing needs of the business.