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A Theoretician's Guide to the Experimental Analysis of Algorithms

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Uday ( will be presenting the paper A Theoretician’s Guide to theExperimental Analysis of Algorithms ( The paper presents an informal discussion of issues in analyzing algorithms experimentally, with the goal of providing a useful guide to new experimentalists, and challenging current researchers to improve their work from a scientific point of view.

We hope that you'll read the paper ( before the meetup, but don't stress if you can't.


This paper presents an informal discussion of issues that arise when one attempts to analyze algorithms experimentally. It is based on lessons learned by the author over the course of more than a decade of experimentation, survey paper writing, refereeing, and lively discussions with other experimentalists. Although written from the perspective of a theoretical computer scientist, it is intended to be of use to researchers from all fields who want to study algorithms experimentally. It has two goals: first, to provide a useful guide to new experimentalists about how such work can best be performed and written up, and second, to challenge current researchers to think about whether their own work might be improved from a scientific point of view. With the latter purpose in mind, the author hopes that at least a few of his recommendations will be considered controversial.