Gilbert Bernstein on Spacetime Constraints

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Tyler McMullen on Similarity Estimation Techniques from Rounding Algorithms

Tyler's Bio: Tyler McMullen is CTO at Fastly, where he’s responsible for the system architecture and leads the company’s technology vision. As part of the founding team, Tyler built the first versions of Fastly’s Instant Purging system, API, and Real-time Analytics. Before Fastly, Tyler worked on text analysis and recommendations at Scribd. A self-described technology curmudgeon, he has experience in everything from web design to kernel development, and loathes all of it. Especially distributed systems.

Main Talk

Gilbert Bernstein ( on Spacetime Constraints

Gilbert tells us: "Witkin and Kass’s Spacetime Constraints paper is one of the landmark papers of Computer Graphics. It helped shape the research agenda for Computer Animation over the next few decades, popularizing variational optimization techniques in the field. It’s also one of the best written papers I’ve read—for reasons you might or might not agree with.

I’ll look at this paper from 4 different perspectives: (1) how it was positioned, (2) how it introduced powerful mathematical ideas to the field, (3) the strange, under appreciated and overlooked system they built, and (4) how it influenced research for the next 2 and a half decades."

Gilbert's Bio

Gilbert Bernstein ( is a Ph.D. student in the department of Computer Science at Stanford University. His work focuses on a range of topics across Computer Graphics, HCI and Programming Languages, including Domain-Specific (Programming) Languages, Visual Tools for Artists and Designers, Geometry and Topology. He’s gotten some awards in the past that you don’t really care about. The only song Gilbert can rap at karaoke is “Amish Paradise."

Meeting mechanics

Doors open at 6:30 pm; the presentation will begin at 7:00 pm; and, yes, there will be food.

After the paper is presented, we will open up the floor for discussion and questions then we will head over to the bar!


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