Jana Iyengar on "The death of an end-to-end internet (and a way forward)"

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Papers we love too
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Andre Arko on Why Are The Prices So Damn High.

Andre tells us: "This is a paper that examines the very high and continuously climbing costs of education and health care in the United States. This paper is especially interesting as a follow-up to last month’s PWL Mini on Baumol’s cost disease"


André Arko is a software consultant at cloudcity.io, and founder of the software non-profit rubytogether.org. He graduated from college before he could drink, has written open source installed hundreds of millions of times, and lives in a shipping container that overlooks SFO. And at least two of those things are true.

Main Talk
Jana Iyengar on "The death of an end-to-end internet (and a way forward)"

Over the past two decades, the Internet’s runaway success has caused its end-to-end architecture to be eroded by an organic proliferation of interposers or middleboxes, such as NATs, firewalls, IDS devices, and performance enhancing proxies, which now pose serious roadblocks to the Internet’s evolution. Through studies and anecdotes, we will discuss the architectural (and political) implications of middleboxes in our beloved end-to-end architecture, and strategies for protocol development and deployment in this brave new world.

Papers (read or skim):
[1] Is it Still Possible to Extend TCP? https://conferences.sigcomm.org/imc/2011/docs/p181.pdf
[2] Fitting Square Pegs Through Round Pipes: Unordered Delivery Wire-Compatible with TCP and TLS. https://www.usenix.org/system/files/conference/nsdi12/nsdi12-final67.pdf
[3] The QUIC Transport Protocol: Design and Internet-Scale Deployment. https://ai.google/research/pubs/pub46403.pdf (edited)

Jana's Bio

Jana is a Distinguished Engineer at Fastly. He was previously a Software Engineer at Google, working on QUIC. He is an editor in the IETF’s QUIC working group. He is a recovering academic, having worked on Minion, LEDBAT, SCTP, and other transport projects in his past lives.