What we're about

In Sanskrit, Parama meaning “supreme” or “transcendent”, and Vīrya meaning “energy”, is a practice of different modalities including meditation to tap into what most would call “divine” or “source” energy. It also has been described as Chi, Reiki, Prana, Orgone or Cosmic Energy among other terms.

For centuries, many cultures have used this source energy for healing and spiritual purposes. Parama Virya is a group that focuses on helping people harness subtle energy to achieve greater wellness and spirituality quickly and effectively.

The benefits of Parama Virya include:

• Calmness & Clarity of the Mind

• Deep Relaxation with little effort

• Reduction in Stress & Anxiety

• Heightened Intuition & Awareness

Parama Virya Group welcomes all healers, lightworkers, shamans, and beginners to help contribute to the vibrations of source energy.

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