What we're about

This group is for anyone who is interested in web development and technology ... and collaboration for the common good.

We offer a wide range of tech/development events and workshops, bringing together novices and experts for mutually beneficial exchanges.

If you want to

- learn how to program
- debate technology's role in our future society
- expand your coding skills
- develop practical open source projects
- share your experience and knowledge

... or you just want to work with the parentNode stack, join our group and help accelerate change.

Our goal is to share our knowledge, support new open source projects and become smarter in the process.

parentNode is a defiant anti company, providing an unspoiled idealistic full stack platform for web development. parentNode is part of think.dk - Center for Acceleration of Sustainable Change.

Past events (71)

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PHP, part 3 [Holistic Web Development]


PHP, part 2 [Holistic Web Development]


PHP, part 1 [Holistic Web Development]


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