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Lactate Threshold training in Tuileries

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The Lactacte Threshold tempo run, called "Seuil" in French, is an essential part of a runner's training, along with intervals and long runs.
The lactate threshold is the point (heart rate or running pace) where lactic acid starts accumulating faster than the body can process it, with performance droppng and fatigue appearing.
The lactic acid typically starts accumulating around one's half-marathon pace and accumulates even faster at faster pace.

The training consist in running long intervals at this pace or slighlty faster. This "stress" on our system will train the body to adapt and release lactic acid at a slower or delayed rate, hence enabling us to run faster for a longer amount of time.

I intend to run this Monday in the Tuileries garden at 19H. The training will consist of 3 X 12 minutes at a speed of 14KM/h (4'15" per KM / 6min50s per mile). It will be most appropriate for runners who are around a time of 39-42 min for a 10KM or 3h10-3h35 for a Marathon.

Meeting point is the small Arc the Triomphe (Arc de triomphe du carrousel) inside the garden, at 19h00. I'll have my mobile phone on me: Zero Six Five Two Eight Two Five Seven Nine Seven.

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