The PUA Gala-Ball - Dance, Have Fun and Raise Money for Charity!

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We are hosting a Gala-Ball where 100% of all money made goes to charity. Come have fun, dance and also raise money for charity!

See the added details down below...the bachelors and bachelorettes!

How do YOU get your ticket to this event?
RSVP 'yes' here, (please RSVP so that we know how much alcohol and munchies are needed) AND...

AND...Either pay 25.00 euros at the door to enter, OR, for a cheaper option, go to the link here, our fundraising page (, and pay for your entry in advance by donating $25.00 US dollars online!

It is that easy! On the 19th, we will have a list of names of the online donations (have your identification if you paid online), and if you're not on it, you pay 25.00 euros (cash only) at the door. All money taken at the door will be donated, as well, to our fundraising page! (

Party Details!:

A Gala-Ball!: Put on your best summer dress and suit and come on down to join us! (Summer it does get hot in the dance room below):

The party is at Le Zeste in the 14th, near Montparnasse: with two floors (drinks and socializing upstairs, dancing and games below).
There will be a pub quiz at 10pm (are you smarter than a 5th grader?)
There will be an on going participative art competition run by G.
There will be a bachelor and bachelorette auction at 10:30pm (all money goes to charity)...come bid on a hunk or cutie for your next night out!
Rico will be our official DJ, with music and dancing.
Entry includes two free drinks (sangria, spiked-punch, wine, beer, water, soda). Drinks after that are cheap (5.00 euros and under), and all proceeds go to charity!
Snacks and munchies included.
Prize for he/she that got the most donations in their name at our fundraising page (
Prizes for the pub quiz and art well as to the bachelor and bachelorette that get the highest bids!
And much much come on down and join us for a fun event that also raises money for charity!
Note: there is no bag or coat are responsible for your own things. But, it is a private event, and we've rented the entire location just for our party and members only.

Help raise money for Global Living: not-for-profit US based organizations that support grassroots projects in developing nations to help girls go to school as well as to improve their health and opportunities. 100% of all proceeds from this event are donated to Global Living!! 100%!!

So you want to help out? You want to be a part of our fundraising efforts? Here is how!!!


email me: [masked] and I will tell you how you can help out!

Get a lot of donations from your friends and family and donate at our fundraising page under your name (the person with the most donations under their name wins a prize)...Even if people cannot go to the event they can donate for love! ;)

Here is the link to our fundraising page for this event:

The PUA Fundraising page!!!! (

Hello all PUA members,

Tomorrow (Saturday) is our annual charity event. 100% of all funds collected during this event are donated to charity!

See the event details: The PUA Gala-Ball - Dance, Have Fun… (

There will be a bachelor and bachelorette auction. Come on down and bid on a stylish lady or gentlemen for your next date...and help charity at the same time!

Here are some answers about this for those interested...

Don't be shy...come on down and bid. :) It will be loads of fun.
Bidding starts at 5 euros...and goes to...?
The auction will be in French and English (two presenters working together).
If you bid and win, you get to meet and greet them, and you then take them out on a date in the next couple of weeks. You pay. The date must be in a public place unless they agree to something different with you.
Bring cash...we do not have a credit-card machine. Though, if for some reason the bidding went really high we would figure something out as we don't expect people to carry 100's of euros around.
The auction will begin about 10:30-10:45pm. After the quiz. The party starts at 8pm come on down sooner, and meet the bachelors and bachelorettes.
Yes...we mean it...100% of all money obtained (at the door to enter, for drinks, the auction) goes to charity. See our fundraising page here (
Just bring what you're willing to donate/bid, and only bid to that amount. This way you don't go over your budget.

Who will our fabulous bachelors and bachelorettes be?

This fine lady goes by Heather Stimmler-Hall (since Paris Hilton is already taken).

Heather has been a professional travel writer and guidebook author since 1999, Paris correspondent for EasyJet in-flight magazine, editor of the Secrets of Paris website, author of the Naughty Paris Guide, and a private tour guide. Born in Philly, raised in Arizona, schooled at Carleton College in Minnesota (Political Science and Environmental Policy studies) and living in France (Paris and Côte d'Azur) since 1995. She has two miniature pinschers, Pedro & Lena.

Check out her book site:

This cute hunk goes by Peter, or Pietro to his friends.
Those too shy to bid in public can contact him at: [masked]

Originally from England Peter lived in Italy for many years, and now lives in France to be between the two. Peter is into sports and running, and is training for a marathon.

This fun and funky chica goes by Kylie Mac.

She grew up in Michigan and worked in video production for nearly 10 years before moving to Paris, and is now finishing a Masters Degree in English Literature and writing a thesis involving Frankenstein and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

Check out their podcast show, blog, French lessons and tourist tips:

This outgoing Brit goes by Hooty McBoob. Kidding! This is Nick!
29, Male, originally from Surrey close to London, he moved to Paris to work for Orange and has no intentions of moving back! He has a tranquil apartment with garden in the 15th with ample supplies of wine and a big comfortable bed ;) A little known fact about Nick is that he very rarely wears underwear. (Generally only for work and sporting activities).

This little hottie for the evening is Silvia.

A sassy and energetic girl from Ecuador, she was raised with a Sex-n-the-City heart in New York before moving to Paris near two years ago on a permanent work contract.

Our final bachelor of the night is Andy.

Andy is an English gentleman (well kind of!) living in Paris. He loves the outdoors, travelling to visit ancient cultures and taking on new challenges but is equally comfortable curled up with a good book and a glass of wine with a view over Paris.

Bachelor and Bachelorette auction provided for the charity event by Paris Urban Adventures ( and Gadabout Paris. (


Also...more info here too:

Lise is donating a personalized session of Pilates or yoga, either at your home or outdoors.
For more information contact Lise here:[masked], [masked]

Three City-Lit Guide Books to Paris. These books were donated by Oxygen Books in the UK. A big Thank You to Malcolm Burgess who worked with PUA on this. http://thecity-litcaf... (

Two signed copies: "Merde Happens" (Eng) and "God Save les Francaises" (Fre) by Stephen Clark. One in English, and one in French. A clever and witty laugh-aloud account of a Brit's adventures in work and love in Paris. http://www.stephencla... (

Four signed copies of Petite Anglaise by Catharine Sanderson.
A fun and delightful look at the life, love and tribulations of a Brit in Paris.
See the blog: http://www.petiteangl... (

Heather Stimmler-Hall donated an electronic metro guide. talks to you and tells you what metro stop to go to, and how to get there! Heather is editor of the Secrets of Paris website, author of the Naughty Paris Guide, and a private tour guide.
Check it out: http://www.naughtypar... ( and http://www.secretsofp... (

Allen Kikker is offering a free session of his Seduction Coaching. Learn how to pick up ladies with ease and confidence. Learn more: http://www.draguerune... (