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2010 Benefit Concert: Music on a Boat!

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Join us at our benefit concert!
Raise money for charity while chillin' to some fine tunes.

100% of all funds raised, after event costs, will go to charity.

4pm to 10pm+... 5 bands... 5 hours of music... soul, funk, Blues, punk, pop-rock, and more!

Come on down in November to a Péniche on the Seine, just under Notre Dame, and dance the night away to live music, and join in a silent art auction, all while helping charity.

In November we are hosting a benefit concert on the Six-Huit river boat in the center of Paris.

This year we are supporting non-profit groups that donate solar lights to poor families in Africa. This supports not only sustainable development, but gives children a chance to study at night, and allows families a chance for light in areas without electricity.

“In rural communities of Africa -- where more than 95 percent of homes have no access to electricity -- solar energy has the power to transform lives.” (

What will be going on?

Music and art on a river boat on the Seine, just under Notre Dame. How cool is that?
Several live bands will be playing. Check back at this page in the coming weeks as we list them!
Artists will be donating art pieces for the silent auction. Again, we'll list them in the coming weeks...
Drinks and food available on the boat

How do you attend this cool event?

You donate 20.00 US online at our charity event page. (about 15 euros)

Click here to access our charity donation page where you donate 20.00 US online. ( That is about 15 euros... it is cheaper to pay in advance at our fundraising page!

Or, you pay 25.00 euros at the door to enter. It is cheaper to pay online... so click here and donate 20 US!

We encourage people to donate more if they want! It is for charity!

Bring your lively spirit for the live music, and your cash for the silent art auction. 100% of all money raised at the art auction, after costs, will also be given to the same cause.


The fun, interactive sounds of Hostal

Hostal is a group of friends from the "spanish-country" who just love to make music. A unique music experience, they lead you with a fun, interactive, sing-along theme you're sure to remember.

Website coming...

The pop-folk sounds of Enormous.

A pop-folk band that touches on covers, or funny, sad, natural, and touching life moments. They are dedicated to environmental movements, and have done other concerts in the Paris Area.

Check out their MySpace:

Rock to the pop-soul sounds of ANEMA.

ANEMA means "soul" in a southern Italian dialect. ANEMA has played on the Parisian scene, and have produced 2 albums, and they are now working on the third: "Tout c'qu'on veut". The lyrics are in French in the style of pop rock, with a bit of jazzy, zouk, folk, and funk twists. "They play with the same voice, same feeling, same soul...ANEMA."

Check out their website:

Check out their MySpace:

Come check out Blue Chillen.

The duo "Blue Chillen" consists of harmonica, vocals and guitar blues.

You can listen on MySpace :

End the night with the rockin' punk tunes of Yperite.

This is one punk-rock band one is sure to remember. They formed in 2006 and have since played in many concerts around Paris, including other benefit concerts. Their music is influenced by the sounds of 70s and 80s punk music, all original music, all in French.

Check out their MySpace:

Art Auction

We will have a silent art auction. The following pieces have been donated for the event (more to be listed in the coming weeks as we get all the info):

1. Shauna Giesbrecht, a designer, jewler, and artist will be donating a wonderfully, hand made piece to the auction. See her website to get an idea of her talents and beautiful work:

2. Nugent Koscielny An exceptional abstract painting. To see the vidid, bright, unique pieces, go to this link:

3. Oana. A painting created from emotions without thinking, using colors instead of words. See some pieces:

4. Armelle Estable, an expert in sculptures with an African theme, has donated two pieces from her Blue Collection. To see some of her work, go to her website: http://sculptarmelle.... (

5. Spizz, an urban artist inspired by punk music, (: . To see an interview with him about his urban art, see Gadabout: (

6. Jade Maitre, a photographer with Getty Images, will be donating one image. To see some of her work, check out her Flickr page:

7. Urban Art by MaxShmax. Urban art piece in the French pochoir style.

8. "Water Shadows" by Melanie Vaz. 50 x 70. A cool photo of 'Paris Reflections. A unique, contrasted, perspective on Paris ice, with a wintery touch. You will love this print.

9. A wonderful original painting from Zhifang XU. To see some of her work, check out her website:

10. A photo print by Penny Reinecke.

11. Camilla Macfarlane will be donating a one hour violin lesson. The person bidding on this needs to have their own violin! Check out her website to learn more about her:

12. Y-Lan, a photographer based in Paris is donating an image. Her work is influenced by the urban landscape. Please visit her website to view her portfolio of work:

13. Jiwon Lee, a fashion designer, will be donating a piece of jewelry and a hand-sewn bag.

14. Marcus McAllister has donated a painting, Firetime, an acrylic on canvas, 27x19cm. See his website at: , and you can view photos of this piece at his Facebook account:

15. Michelle and Axel Estable are donating a series of ‘Cuban Doors’ photos. They can be viewed at:

Event Prizes Donated by:

5 signed copies of H Heather Stimmler-Hall's "Naughty Paris: A Lady's Guide to the Sexy City".
See the websit:

Also see Heather's website about Paris, including private tours:

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Energize your body and spirit with Melanie! Yoga, Fitness, Step, and Danse is offering a 90-minute private yoga class for up to 10 lucky people! and

God Save Les Francaises. By Stephen Clarke. A copy signed by the author. The French translated version of "Merde Actually". A year after arriving in France, Englishman Paul West is still struggling with some fundamental questions: What is the best way to scare a gendarme? Why are there no health warnings on French nudist beaches? And is it really polite to sleep with your boss’s mistress?

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