Vegan Entrepreneur & Business Support MeetUp

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(ENGLISH will follow)

Rendez-vous des entrepreneurs Vegan avec tout type de projet ! Pour se regrouper, selon sujet & type de projet, pour mieux s'organiser et s’entre-aider.

Venez discuter avec des autres entrepreneurs Vegan, en dégustant un thé et quelque chose à grignoter !

La communauté Vegan ne peut que profiter de plus de projets, et les entrepreneurs Vegan ne peut que profiter de s'entre-aider ! Ou, mieux encore, faire equipe pour l'aventure !

Prochain rendez-vous le mardi 10 septembre, 18h00 - 21h30. Pas besoin de venir 18h pile, mais on termine vers 21h30.

Réservation obligatoire (pour nous laisser préparer autant de thé et des snacks nécessaires ; l’éspace est limité également)



We hold meetings for Vegan entrepreneurs with all sorts of projects. General meetings are for all types of projects that we then divide into smaller themed groups, to better structure & organize our projects and help each other out.

The meetings are informal! We meet up and discuss, over tea and snacks. When you are new to the group, you introduce yourself and your idea/dream/project/business.

Some of us may be looking for guidance, others for business partners, others for ideas... Maybe some ideas overlap.

The vegan community can only benefit from more projects, and vegan entrepreneurs can only benefit from supporting each other, or even teaming up for the adventure!

The next general meeting will be held Tuesday September 10, 6pm - 9:30pm. No need to arrive at 6pm sharp, if you can't due to work restrictions or other, but we will wrap up by 9:30pm.

Reserving your seat is mandatory (space is limited & to allow us to make enough tea and snacks