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What we’re about

Welcome to join our free Sahaja Yoga meditation class in the beautiful nature in Haukilahti! The class is suitable for beginners and more advanced participants. You can wear normal clothes and you just need to bring something to sit on, unless you want to sit directly on the grass. If you want to bring something, it's better to sit on natural materials, like cotton cloth, and not plastic.

Meditation means mental silence or thoughtless awareness. You are present here and now, but your mind is not bombarded by thoughts from the past or the future. In this state, you feel peace and joy, which are the essential elements of the present moment. With regular practice of meditation, it is possible to establish this state within us.

The class takes place in a park located near the corner of the streets Toppelundintie and Mellstenintie in Haukilahti, Espoo and can be seen in this map:

If you search a route in Reittiopas (, use the bus stop name "Mellstenintie E2344" or "Mellstenintie E2345" as your destination.

Welcome to enjoy the peace of meditation combined with the beautiful summer!