Dimensional modeling incl. basic database design - Pizza sponsored by DYMATRIX

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Designing your Data Warehouse through dimensional modeling is one of the most important basics of practicing Business Intelligence. Even though technologies without relational databases are rising, relational Data Warehouses are still being used and implemented on a regular basis. Correctly modeling your organization's data ensures that your data warehouse will be responsive and capable of accommodating emerging requirements.

On this evening, together with some fundamentals of table- and relationship design, you will be shown the basics of dimensional modeling. Then we will dive deeper into the art of dimensional modeling. We will look at how and when to create the different types of fact and dimension tables, including patterns for enriching dimensional data and creating usable hierarchies for efficient navigation. The session concludes with a demonstration in Power BI where you can see the effect of a well designed Data Warehouse.

Target audience and prerequisites:
This session is intended for people who have their first experience of working with relational databases, creating tables and basic querying with Transact-SQL. An awareness of key business priorities in the area of CRM and Marketing Analytics is desirable.

Note: This session will be presented in English or German.

Pizza will be sponsored by Dymatrix Consulting Group GmbH.


Erik Monchen joined DYMATRIX in 2018 as Team Lead Solutions & Consulting. Since 2008, Erik has been gaining experience with the Microsoft Data Platform product family, focusing on Business Intelligence products. Today, Erik focuses on data processing in the cloud and the analysis and reporting architectures that go with it. In addition to his work at DYMATRIX, Erik is involved in the Microsoft community and can be found as a speaker in user groups and at conferences.


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