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Have you had an extraordinary spiritual experience that was difficult to share with friends and family?

Many people have had spiritual experiences. These may include: lucid or prophetic dreams, out-of-body adventures, a sense that you've lived before, receiving unexplained intuitive guidance that was right, or uplifting experiences with light and sound that were beyond the physical realm

Are you seeking more Information about your experiences?

Our group meets to share and discuss spiritual experiences and topics in an open and respectful environment. Come and meet other like-minded people who want to understand their spiritual experiences and are actively seeking more.

There is no charge for our local events. Just come and join the interaction.

Follow this link for more about Spiritual Experiences (http://www.meetup.com/past-lives-dreams-and-soul-travel-san-diego/about/) and the teachings of Eckankar.

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Experience the Sound of Soul

San Diego Eckankar Center

Would you like to bring yourself into harmony as a divine part of God? This event may give you the techniques you've been seeking. Singing the sacred word HU, followed by contemplative time can bring: * Inner peace and calm * The experience of Divine Love * An expansion of awareness and spiritual self-discovery * A healing of the heart This event begins with an explanation of the benefits of singing HU. A short contemplation seed will be read followed by chanting HU and quiet contemplation for several minutes. Afterwards there will be an open spiritual discussion and sharing of experiences. Everyone is invited to this Sound of Soul experience.

Finding Your Spiritual Mission - ECK Light & Sound Service

San Diego Eckankar Center

Finding Your Spiritual Mission The Officiator, Nadi Dadsetan will facilitate this month's spiritual talk and lead us in a HU Song. HU is a sacred sound and ancient mantra that is sung for spiritual unfoldment. To further explore this month's topic, Guest Speaker, Charles Richards will share stories and experiences of how he came to recognize his own spiritual mission. Perhaps this event may provide insight in pursuing your own individual life mission. “If you stay true to your mission in life, which is to become a Co-worker with God, the Holy Spirit and the Mahanta will guide you to the right places in life.” Harold Klemp - Youth Ask a Modern Prophet about Life, Love, and God, page 135 Included is a short video talk from Harold Klemp, the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar, that gives more understanding on this month's spiritual topic. Afterwards there will be refreshments and time to meet and chat with other spiritual people like yourself. Everyone is welcome. An adult-monitored playroom is provided for children during the service. For more information please call Rahil Kim at (760)[masked]

A Day of Spiritual Exploration

Goldy S. Lewis Community Center

Are you everything you want to be? Enjoy interactive workshops, a Spiritual Exploration Fair, and an uplifting and inspirational program. There are activities throughout the day. Here are some of the workshops and exploration topics: * Solving Life's Problems Workshop * The Power of Imagination Workshop * The Power of Dreams * Turning to Inner Guidance * Transforming Your Relationships * Past Lives, Present Lessons For more information visit: www.SpiritualFreedomCA.org or call[masked]

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Experience the Sound of Soul

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