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What we’re about

Hello all I am a Regression Therapist based in Hitchin Hertfordshire and London. I specialise in Past Life Regression, Ancestral Regression, Life Between Lives Regression, Inner Child Regression / Womb Regression. I also regularly run in-person and online group workshops on past life journeying experiences and sometimes those relating to spirit animals, guides / light beings and the higher self.

I love any discussion, experience or workshop relating to soul journeying - past lives - soul mates - reincarnation - spirituality - the after life - spirit.

As a therapist in the Hitchin Beds Herts area I wanted to bring like minded people and those who are curious together for group experiences, workshops and a natter over a cup of coffee about this kind of stuff:-) I would to get everyone talking about past lives and what happens to the soul before we are born and after we die. :-)

Once there is a group of us formed I will put posts out about having some social gatherings together as well as some soul journeying experiences.

To get in touch with me please message