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What we’re about

One type of meditation will be a active meditation which incorporates the soothing sounds of water... We as humans are made up of 95% water and as a collective whole we can shift the energy on the earth by healing the waters of our community, town, state and world. So if you would like to participate in fun filled and active form of meditation please join us every Friday evening. Another type of meditation every other week will be a MAX MEDITATION and A SANCTUARY MEDITATION.

MAX MEDITATION is based on the " quiet or still pond" it is slow steady and only focuses on one word which will bring to you answers about yourself and your past and current situation.

SANCTUARY MEDITATION introduces you to your higher self and your guides so that you can find the answers to your own current do not have to seek others for your guidance and solutions to your current situation.

However due to the extreme lack of response to these forms of meditation I am now changing our only meditation to the the Ensofic Ray Healing Meditation which is done in a sacred temple. It is limited to about 5-10 attendees as time is devoted to each member to receive the Ensofic Ray Healing.

The results of this meditation is creating a sense of calmness and peace and assists with the healing process of body mind soul and spirit in whichever way is for the person's greatest and highest good.


RSVP contact Phyllis Francene 732-882-9676 <br>