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What is the nature of Evil? Explore Pathwork Lecture 248.

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A Pathwork Exploration:Three Principles of Evil, with Pathworker and Core Therapist Aimee Falchuk.

Pathwork Lecture 248 explores three principles of the forces of evil.
The first principle is separation — the way we see ourselves as separate from one another — ways we say no to connection. The ways we divide ourselves up — not through recognizing and honoring our differences — but in a way that disconnects us from our collective humanness.
The second principle is materialism: Our extreme reliance on it, its use to distract us, and its potential for abuse of nature.
The third is a bit more nuanced. It describes evil as embodying or inflicting on others distortion, confusion and half-truths. The way in which we create a kind of haze so we do not have to take real responsibility.
Join us as we explore the concepts of this lecture and their impact on our personal and collective experience.
Curious about the lecture? Read it by visiting this link:

Aimee Falchuk is a Pathwork member, a therapist and
Founder of Core Boston and the Falchuk Group.
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Join us for an evening of Pathwork fellowship, discussion and healing on Friday, October 13th as we explore Pathwork Lecture 248.