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Hello New England fans!

What a brutal weekend of upsets! Not just for Patriots fans. Seems like most 2-0 teams were part of a trainwreck that derailed all of us from our destined victories. The only solace is that our green rivals were among those teams that got off-track, so we're still at the top of our conference.

Putting last week's dreadful game against the Bills behind us, our Pats are back on the road for the second straight week--this time to Oakland. Let's help our boys focus on a new game plan--to bury the Raiders--and this time, not in the snow! These guys still have a chip on thier shoulder about the TUCK RULE game many moons ago, so I say, let's shake their world up again and give them something new to cry about.

Wear Your Pink Gear: The Patriots will be supporting the NFL's Breast Cancer Awareness initiatives during this game by wearing pink apparel. If you've got any pink attire, sport yours too and you will receive a small gift of appreciation from yours truly!

*Please note. Our attendance rate has been FANTASTIC since our season opener, but not everyone is RSVPing which could prove difficult for seating and service. We have new members signing up everyday! I need EVERYONE to RSVP so I can communicate with Jocks in advance, so they can help accomodate us. Thanks in advance and look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!! Yahoo!