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Welcome to our group! Please try one of our philosophy cafe's. Since January 2018, we've been meeting most weeks upstairs at the Fresh Market grocery store on St Charles Ave. We run informal discussions on a pre-determined topic in a public space. In a slightly more formal setting , we also explore ethical issues, especially what character, liberty, virtue are and what living the ethical life together ought to be like. Finally we offer reading- or video-based structured discussions on all things "theory" -- social, critical, political, art, literary, cultural theory or on notorious characters in philosophy such as Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius, Friedrich Nietzsche, Michel Foucault ...
We are open to and respectful of all "moderate/subversive" views, as we like to put it. We value deliberation as our preferred mode of holding discussions. There's always a moderator or two to nurture order and respect so that we can all feel safe and be genuinely engaged. RSVP and show up! [We value SMALL group discussions. RSVP early or you might be kept out.]
Guy H. and Todd B./Organizers
PS 1: Some of you may also be interested in our Theology Cafe's. Just go to www.meetup.com/theocafe
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PS 2: Use common sense for your Profile Name (first name and a bit more) and Profile Photo (your face or no pic if concerned about your privacy online). Show signs of maybe not sharing that common sense and your application to this group will be declined. Fair enough?

Upcoming events (1)

Sat. 12p: PHILO CAFE' : discussion of various texts/videos [part 1] @ Gracious

Gracious Bakery + Cafe

[NOTE: Announcement below is for Part 1. Part 2 will take place the following Saturday -- another discussion of exactly the same material.]

Join us Saturday, January 22th, at Gracious Bakery and Cafe' on Norman C. Francis Parkway in Mid-City (they have 2 other locations). We should be outside. 12p to 1:45. Come and leave anytime.


We'll discussion the following material.

# 1
2 interviews (10 pages each) off the new book WOMEN OF IDEAS:
Anne Phillips on "Multiculturalism and Liberalism" and Jennifer Saul on "Implicit Bias". [15 pages if you print out.]

Suki Finn, editor of WOMEN OF IDEAS gave a 7-minute interview herself:


# 2
Philosophy of sport

19 pages if you print out. Don't necessarily try to read it all, at least not too closely. But find a few arguments that resonate with you and be ready to share some of them during the discussion. Like for me these 2 following passages got my attention -- ( about 2 pages if printed out) :

Section 2.3 starting at 5th paragraph -- sport as "social practice focused on mutually acceptable quest for excellence through challenges'' (as opposed to a game aimed at winning and inflicting defeat on others.) I'm partially interested in this argument as it references 2 philosophers I'm always curious about -- Alasdair MacIntyre and Aristotle.
Also Section 3.6 on fans and spectators.


# 3a
Rupert Sheldrake's 2018 lecture: "The Science Delusion" (43 minutes).

# 3b
Greta Thunberg and Jordan B. Peterson's pontificating/prophetizing [?] on saving the planet or not (7 minutes).

You must RSVP. No drop-ins. Do change your RSVP to NO if you end up not coming. For all attendees , in order to participate in our discussion, it is required that you have read/watched a significant portion of the whole material. As the note above states, we will revisit the same material one week later -- 12p Saturday 29th.

For more info, contact Guy Henoumont anytime at[masked] or at [masked]

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