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LAPUG51 - MAR 2013 - Smart Phones & Tablets in Photography/Photoshop Workflows

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Note: If you are a member of PDALA AND LAPUG and would like to attend this event, kindly RSVP through only ONE of the two groups, either PDALA or LAPUG but not both. Help us not double-count you as space is VERY limited. Again, ONLY ONE RSVP per person, please. Thank you!

March 22, 2013

Hello everyone:

LAPUG MEETUP 51 will take place this next Wednesday March 27 2013. Doors open at 6:30pm. The program will start at 7:00pm and will end at 9:30pm.

Our meeting's location will be:

Calumet Photographic - LA (Hollywood)
1135 N. Highland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

This MeetUp will be limited to 50 LAPUG, AUG and PDALA Meetup Members only (First come, first served*) - Deadline to RSVP is Wednesday March 27 at 2:00pm. Online RSVPs are required to attend this meeting (see below for RSVP instructions). We will open the meeting to guests starting on Monday March 25 at 12pm (if seats are available).

Please note : Meeting Support Fee Policy: $10 CASH per person with RSVPs (includes 2 General Raffle tickets for members only - Guests are not eligible for our raffles.)

*If you're new to Meetup, please don't RSVP by replying to this announcement. Click below for more info and instructions:


In the last few years, iOS/Android/etc Smartphone & Tablet Photography has spread everywhere. Adobe Systems and many other players are creating amazingly innovative applications that are allowing us to be create art and images in ways we've never even dreamt of (at least, I didn't). Long-time LAPUG member, friend, sponsor and past LAPUG presenter, Chuck Berhman will give us an overview of the creative possibilities of all these new technologies from his standpoint as a professional photographer and Photoshop instructor. This will be a FUN one!!






Chuck has been a professional photographer for the last 30+ years in the Los Angeles area, shooting primarily business advertising and promotional images as well as personal photographs for individual portraits and events.

Chuck also works with his clients on a consulting or coaching basis in order to improve their skills in photography, the digital workflow, Photoshop and Lightroom.

Chuck has been conducting workshops in the Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo areas that cover Photoshop techniques and real world photography. Each workshop has spawned a CD containing video tutorials paralleling the class.

Chuck is also teaching Photoshop at Cal State Univ - Dominguez Hills as well as leading cultural exchange groups to Cuba . More info can be found at the links below:

web: FB: FB: Cuba Trips Info:



Chuck will discuss Mobile-based Photography/Photoshop workflows and will cover apps like Photoshop Express, Photoshop Touch as well as other apps for principal photography, editing and special effects.

Chuck will talk about how to get your images from your portable device into your computer for processing with Photoshop/Lightroom.

In addition, Chuck will discuss apps that can assist the photographer in areas such as:

Geolocation Accessories (like light meters) Utilities for assisting the photographer in planning photo shoots Apps which integrate with your DSLR or other cameras Time permitting, Chuck will talk about how to get your images out of Photoshop/Lightroom and onto your mobile device as a digital portfolio.



web: FB: FB: Cuba Trips Info:


- We're featuring Chuck's images on our home page and in this announcement.



- There will be time set aside for a dedicated Q&A session with Chuck.

MEETING DISCLAIMER ( Because we must!!): Please note that the program may change at any time due to various circumstances not always under our control. Whenever possible, we will update this and notify the group.


- LAPTOPS: If you're planning to bring a laptop, please be aware that our seating doesn't accommodate for any table space for attendees.

- ON-SITE REGISTRATION and PARKING: There will be free parking on-site for up to 20+ cars approx. Street parking will also be available.

More information re: Parking, Area Map and special on-site Registration instructions will be sent to all YES RSVPs the night prior to the event.

- FOOD/DRINKS: LAPUG will provide some snacks and refreshments for all during our break. Feel free to bring your own food & bevs if you prefer.

If anyone has any questions, please let me/us know and as always, if you're unable to attend, no problem but please RSVP "NO" in order to remain active and in good standing with our group.

So until Wednesday (the 27th) then!

PDALA Assistant organizer

LAPUG Organizer


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