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WordCamp, Meetups, and Other Events: Let's Plan!

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WordPress meetup groups around the world are being encouraged to break out of their habits and start doing more -- and more varied -- events. The goal is for the most people in the group to be able to have some connection with local WordPress folks, even if the regular meetup presentations don't work for them in terms of timing or content. So let's make some plans!

1. WordCamp Portland. Eric Mann and I looked at getting it going in the spring, but venue dates were so limited as to make it unfeasible. Based on feedback from previous years, we wanted to stay away from summer, leaving us with fall. It's time to start planning for a fall WordCamp. If you're interested in being on the team, come to this meeting (or if you can't make it, use the form at to get involved.

2. What about other kinds of events we could do to benefit the community? Trainings, Contributor Days, Hackathons, etc would all be great, and the WordPress Foundation will cover venue costs for these kinds of things. Are you interested in planning or being involved with events like this? Come to the meeting, and let's try to plan some things like this for the 2nd half of the year!

3. Regular meetups. The presentation series for users and developers that are usually organized by Zack and Daniel are fantastic, but the people attending are a pretty small percentage of the entire group. Let's set up some additional recurring events in different formats/topics/parts of town to try and provide more opportunities to get involved. It only takes 2 people to start, and anyone can be an organizer! Even something as casual as 'let's meet at a coffeeshop and work on our WordPress sites' counts. If you have ideas, come to the meeting and let's get it going.

Because there was a significant response on the annual survey that said downtown meetups are kind of a pain (with some specific requests for meetups on the east side), we'll set the location of this meeting based on your votes --- leave a comment on this event post stating whether you'd rather meet downtown or on the east side. We'll set a location based on the majority and send out an update to those who RSVPed as yes.

Hope to see you there!