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Numbers and Suits Night (West)

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Numbers and Suits Night offers a place people can go specifically to enjoy card games with people who enjoy card games specifically. Playing cards, special decks, tiles, ... Everyone knows about card games: they're easy to get, accessible, fun, and competitive. We welcome any game of suits and/or ranks, excepting the Poker family -- already more than well-served by its existing community. We do have games like Tichu, Mu, Seven Seals, Was Sticht, Sheepshead, Doppelkopf, Four Dragons, Cassino, Foppen, With Cunning and Trickery, Sticheln, Bid Whist, Texas 42, Big Two, Euchre, Hearts, Spades, Durak, Mah-Jong, Pinochle, and more. Few realize the wealth of interesting games in the modern card gamers' library.

So, join us for a night of playfully competitive paper rectangles. You won't need to know the games or have cards (because we'll bring decks and teach anything), and don't bother asking what we're planning to play, because we won't know until we see how many people we actually have on hand (cards are fickle that way).

We generally play late, although be warned that if no one comes, the Event Hosts will leave after 8pm. The attendance counts for past cards nights reflect actual attendance if you want to see how many people show, and an Event Host RSVP'd with guests is relaying RSVPs from this meetup's home group, PDX Card Games (, where most of the RSVPs happen. Finally, this is a weekly meetup but it rotates venues on a monthly schedule, so make sure you check the location!

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