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Everyone knows HTML, right? Sort of. Rather than rehashing divs, spans, and img tags, we're going to dive deep into the semantics of html (much of this is HTML5, some is oft-ignored HTML4). We're going to investigate the bleeding edge (some of these aren't even implemented in browsers yet... but most are).

Whether you are a hardcore coder, a designer, or just a part-time web enthusiast, I guarantee you'll learn something new.

Did you know:

Modern browsers support a "required" attribute, stoping an empty field from being submitted without javascript?

There is are special "email", "phone number", and graphical range input types?

There are built-in and tags which render as graphics?

When you should use
, and when to use ?
There's a new "scoped" style spec allowing you to embed CSS that only effect a segment of your DOM?

When older browsers don't support the newest HTML types, there are some really easy scripts to make them backward compatible?

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