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NEW GROUP! Did you perhaps open an incognito tab, Google search "how to make friends" and a Reddit post told you that you should try

Are you in or around San Mateo, Foster City, Redwood City, or the general Peninsula Area and need a social life?

Are you scrolling through various meetup groups, thinking "yeah I'm into books and yoga" but really you're hoping to bump into likeminded people who you can convert into friends and stealthily ask for their contact info?

Then look no further! This is the meetup for you! I'm going to start hosting events where people have the opportunity to meet, without feeling awkward for searching for friends!

  • Events are very casual: We'll meet in a public spot, talk about random stuff, and bond by doing some light team-building activities!
  • If people have chemistry as a group, I can facilitate events for the same groups to meet again. After all, making friends is not about meeting everyone you can in the world - it's about forming consistent connections!
  • If you don't want to form a defined group, just come to any of the events to have fun, meet people from all walks of life who will surprise you, without any expectations!
  • There's no pressure here: We can all ghost each other without any hard feelings if it doesn't work out. You can leave at anytime if you're uncomfortable or suddenly realize you're late to a doctor's appointment
  • You won't be left out: If there's lots of people attending an event, we can split into smaller groups where everyone gets a chance to interact without feeling like they're "barging in" on established conversation; if it's just you and me, we'll have a good heart-to-heart talk.

This is not a group for dating, so please don't do that thing where you look at everyone's photos to see if they're attractive before you arrive. Think of it this way, the more friends you genuinely have, the more chances you'll have to meet new dating prospects through them!