What we're about

this meetup is for people who want to play some poker but don't feel like gambling with an excess amount of money. location isn't final yet but it should be located in the south suburbs somewhere. anyways, i made this because i've noticed that a lot of the existing poker meetups have high buy ins and for someone who is still in college and doesn't have a job yet this isn't always the easiest to afford. plus it's always nice to have the option for low stakes if like me sometimes you're just interested in having a good time without having to put large amounts of money at stake to play. blinds will likely be 0.05/0.10 in cash games and tournament buy ins may be $5 at most.

events will include:

tournaments (the games featured may vary depending on interest. the format may also change based on interest)
cash games with a specific game in mind
cash games where you choose your game upon your deal
any ideas members come up with

Upcoming events

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