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Explore Social Permaculture &, the lost tools of learning

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LEARN about THE LOST TOOLS OF LEARNING (and build your very own BS Detection Kit, A VIRUS SCAN for your mind!) as we explore what it means to become a Sovereign (OWNING OURSELVES, our birth right, as human beings!). Aristotle (and many ancient people) knew and used these tools to become auto didactic learners, self-foraging polymaths and Sovereign over their own destiny.

In this exploration of Permaculture's People Care/Social Permaculture we will explore the history of the erosion of SELF-RELIANCE (through the various efforts of the many groups who want to maintain the status quo) focusing on how to become more of a PRODUCER, and less of a CONSUMER/how to cooperate rather than compete!

We will discuss the importance of accepting personal responsibility and becoming empowered via the LOST TOOLS OF LEARNING to fuel our personal journeys toward self-reliance!

Participants will learn 'how we got here', WHY we (as adults in out society) are intentionally kept in a perpetual state of adolescence AND, will be given the specific tools to help them navigate the journey away from wasteful CONSUMPTION and toward a more enjoyable and empowering way of being in the world!

There are NO CONTRADICTIONS IN NATURE! Learn how the human propensity for seeking to learn through Pattern recognition has been used to keep us living in a state of fear, as cogs in a wheel, and dis-empowered. Explore how using nature as a template for designing our own lives can make us more self-reliant and secure and can bring greater abundance into our lives!

FEE: $30, cash or check at the door. Discount available: EPPG, PASA, BFBL members, those in the local food movement and teachers pay reduced fee of $25.

TIME: 9:30 am - approx. noon

This is a 1/2 day session is part of the EPPG Permaculture Design Course.


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