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Time: 10am- 4pm
Suggested donation: $10

What is a skillshare?
It's a hands-on learning event, where folks offer their experience in order to empower others. This kind of event is also the perfect opportunity to meet new people, ask questions, and join forces with others!

Why a skillshare?
Well, the way we see it:

The economy is inconsistent, and doing things for yourself saves $$ and is fun! Education can be costly Information should be free Communities can share with each other, and you can be an active member by teaching your skills Hands-on learning gives you an experience to learn and make new friends! What workshops will people teach at our Skillshare?
Click here for detailed DESCRIPTIONS ( of workshops.
Click here for SCHEDULE ( of workshops.

Quick list:

Make your own shampoo, body soap, body scrub, deodorant, & gentle herbal infusions – Robyn Mello Getting Government To Work FOR You - How to Navigate and Utilize the System - Bernie Couris Help with Knitting Problems - Cindy Reichley Backyard Chickens - Marie Crawford Optimal Positioning of the Baby in the Womb For a Shorter and Smoother Labor - Brittany Sharpe McCollum Permaculture Without Land – Joy Hunsberger Raising Potatoes and Corn Without Digging – Bob Hamburg Fermentation: Preservation and Nutrition (foods) – Jared Blumer NOTE: Please bring a cutting board, vegetable knife, head of cabbage, and one 2-quart mason jar or two 1-quart mason jars for this class. How to Fix a Flat Bicycle Tire – Rich Himmer Solar Thermal Principles – Fred Kittleman Building Communities – John MacFarland Preserving Nature's Beauty - Drying Flowers, Herbs, and more – Cheryl Wilks Letting Volunteers Lead & Learn – (using permaculture projects as natural cultural exchanges) - Matt Bennett and Robyn Mello How to convert your car to run on straight vegetable oil - Travis Wanner and Lance Isakov Empowering Oneself: Life Coaching - Sri Kotturu

Please bring your own re-usable dinnerware/utensils.
You are welcome to bring your own lunch or place an order as follows:
JayBees Café (, a local business, has agreed to deliver pre-ordered lunches from the following menu.
Please send all menu orders to joyjam(at) by March 24th.

Payment will be expected at time of delivery in the Community Room.


House Salad - $6: Fresh greens, seasonal veggies, fruit and seeds, sprinkled with hemp hearts with your choice of sesame ginger, cilantro lime, balsamic or red beet vinaigrette dressings.
Thai Chicken Wraps $8: Freshly pulled chicken in a mild Thai sauce, fresh organic cucumbers and a side of sesame ginger dressing served on the side with our all corn wraps. Gluten free, soy free, dairy free.
Asian Slaw $3 a 4 oz. side: All naturally grown or organic vegetables and ingredients, nappa cabbage, red cabbage, fresh ginger, Braggs amino acids, raisins and peanuts in a mild sesame oil sauce, gluten free, no dairy.
Cran-Nut Salad $8: Beautiful naturally grown lettuce blend, organic goat cheese, dried cranberries, and walnuts served with our Balsamic or red beet dressing on the side.
Vegetarian Chili $9: Large bowl of naturally grown or organic vegetables in a chili/cumin spiced sauce served with cashews. Gluten free.
Becca's Beef stew $8: Large bowl, wonderful hearty beef, potatoes and seasonal vegetables in gravy.
Stir Fried Rice $12: Very large bowl of organic brown rice or quinoa upon request, in a soy sauce (can be in Bragg's amino acids) wok-fried with fresh seasonal vegetables. Gluten free if request Braggs.

There will also be cups of delicious vegetarian soup available on-site, courtesy of Betsy Meehan and Ranvir Bakshi of Gwynedd Friends Meeting.

How Can I Get Involved?
If you would like to volunteer to help out for Skillshare Day, or you know you'd like to teach something, please contact Joy at joyjam(at) no later than March 20th.