Engineering in ancient Persia

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Persia fans - culture, life and art - ancient and modern
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From irrigation systems to naturally sustainable houses and from metallurgy to excellent artisan works, Persians has lots of perks because of the ways they have made their challenging environment livable.
Being one of the initiators in mathematics and being exposed to different cultures and civilasations as result of being located in the center of ancient silk road, are the main reasons of traditional engineering to flourish in ancient Persia.
Complex structures such as Qanats, windcatchers, water mills, wind mills, traditional hamams are only few simplest expamles among hundreds of innovations that are still visible at every corner of the country.
On this free event we explore this artistic, moral and technical heritage of ancienct Persia. Join us to enjoy and share some insights about the engineering in ancient Persia.

This meeting will be live over ZOOM or Facebook, and you can watch the recordings on the Youtube as well.