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So the inspiration for this group:

From my experience growing up as an Iranian in America, when it came to making a decision about my career, my parents left me with only 3 options: medicine, law, or engineering. Now that Im an adult, I found that most Iranian-Americans felt this same pressure from family. Even Iranians living in Iran can not freely and openly express their creativity without heavy censorship from their government. This cultural pressure leaves a gaping hole in the creative soul of our community. With this lack of Iranians in Art, Film, Media, etc. the spirit and essence of being an Iranian is lost in the greater American culture. This leaves our culture vulnerable to being defined by others instead of being defined by us. This is why I created this group, the goal is to use film as the vessel to create an outlet for Iranians to release their creative energy, to mold our footprint in American culture.

Lets build a community of Iranians interested in Acting and Filmmaking!

Community activities will include:

- Meet with people who have a shared interest in films/movies/acting/filmmaking

- Transcribing scenes from American Films and Television to Persian

- Re-enacting scenes from our favorite movies and tv shows

- Learn about successful Persian Actors and Filmmakers

- Film mini movies and skits for YouTube

- Write original scripts/screenplays in Farsi

- Screenplay/Script read throughs - Write/Perform a play- And more!

We'll explore all genres of film and television from Comedies to Dramas to Documentaries. Everyone from all background and skill levels are welcome :)


Past events (18)

Max Amini Live in DC

GWU Lisner Auditorium

Shakespeare In The Pub: King Lear

Evening Star Cafe

Persians in Film: Acting and Filmmaking Meetup

Georgetown Neighborhood Library

Shakespeare in the Pub

The Pinch

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