What we're about

Are you the curious type like us who want to discover, understand and apply personality profiling in order to improve yourself? To understand others? Do you have a general fascination for human behaviour? Then you have come to the right place.

Trough a series of meetings and discussions this group aims to help other members to understand and grow.

To do that, we focuses on the following school of thoughts:

Jung, MBTI, Socionics, Keirsey, Social Styles, DISC, Strengths Finder and Big Five. Probably more along the way, but lets start with those.

Some key areas we explore are:

• How we see the world
• How we make decisions
• How we represent ourselves to others
• What our key strengths and weaknesses are

The group has three primary types of meetings:

I - Introduction meetings: Experienced members share their knowledge. Mainly aimed at beginners.

D - Discussion meetings: Meetings aimed at getting together and discussion or performing activities, or both

L – Lecture meetings: External guests or prominent members. These could potentially include costs for venue or presenter, or both.

Sounds good? We strive to improve continuously and hope you want to join us during our quest for knowledge.

All the best,
Pierre, Elif, Anton, Karolina, Christopher and Parham

PS. If you haven't done any personality test yet, and would like to find out. Please take this free test to find out, and come back and join us.


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Personaire Personals Fika

Café Dox in Gamla Stan

Personaire Personals Fika!

Café Dox in Gamla Stan

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