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*** We are a group to connect with like minded, heartfelt souls who are interested in Personal Growth, Creating  Passion & Purpose, exploring Meditation, Abundance, Spirituality, Taking Action, The Law of Attraction or LOA, Conversations with God, and making Life an Adventure! We have deeper, intelligent discussions, do fun exercises, do creative visualizations, have healing meditations, and watch inspiring videos to create positive energy & forward momentum to enable you to start mastering the game of life!
We believe our Creator is Intelligent Love & Light with 100% Mind & Heart power Awakened, not just 10% like we have here on Earth. Because of this our Wonderful Creator is without negative judgments of our life explorations, and is Unconditional Love & Encouragement, the opposite of what so many religions & Gov with 10% knowledge are falsely teaching. They often push a duality teaching of Love & Fear, Acceptance & Rejection that is manipulating and limited, and not from the Pure Light of Creation. If we realize it is our inherent right to Awaken our True self, Grow into our Best, we can be Happy creating a life filled with Passion & Purpose! 
Let's Soar Higher together to make life "Heaven on Earth" 
*** Visit http://www.LightstreamSeminars.com for more info, checkout my cool Awakening e-book, or to book a Private Life Coaching Session!

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2000 Mules Movie Stream - The 2020 Election Theft

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Crystals and Candles Holiday Boutique!

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Freedom Rally – Hueneme Beach

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