Past Meetup

Holiday Party, Book Exchange and The Idiot Girls'Action-Adventure Club

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Join us for our first annual holiday party and book exchange.

We will be discussing our December regular pick plus having a book exchange. The book exchange will go as follows:

Each person will bring a book, wrapped with 3 or 4 general bullet points written on it about what kind of book it is.

Each member that brings a book will randomly get assigned a number.

In numerical order each member gets to choose a wrapped book to take home with them.

The Idiot Girls’Action-Adventure Club by Laurie Notaro (

“I’ve changed a bit since high school. Back then I said no to using and selling drugs. I washed on a normal basis and still had good credit.”

Introducing Laurie Notaro, the leader of the Idiot Girls’ Action-Adventure Club. Every day she fearlessly rises from bed to defeat the evil machinations of dolts, dimwits, and creepy boyfriends—and that’s before she even puts on a bra.

For the past ten years, Notaro has been entertaining Phoenix newspaper readers with her wildly amusing autobiographical exploits and unique life experiences. She writes about a world of hourly-wage jobs that require absolutely no skills, a mother who hands down judgments more forcefully than anyone seated on the Supreme Court, horrific high school reunions, and hangovers that leave her surprised that she woke up in the first place.

The misadventures of Laurie and her fellow Idiot Girls (“too cool to be in the Smart Group”) unfold in a world that everyone will recognize but no one has ever described so hilariously. She delivers the goods: life as we all know it.

Liz will be hosting this meetup at her home. Please feel free to join us whether or not you read this month's pick. Also, please feel free to bring an appetizer or dessert if you desire. This is NOT required.