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PostgreSQL in Atlanta Special Speaker Event: Bruce Momjian


Bruce Momjian (, core PostgreSQL developer and EnterpriseDB ( employee, will be making a trip to Atlanta to share with us some of the new features in the upcoming PostgreSQL version 9.5!

Postgres 9.5 adds many features designed to enhance the productivity of developers: UPSERT, CUBE, ROLLUP, JSONB functions, and PostGIS improvements. For administrators, it has row-level security, a new index type, and performance enhancements for large servers. This talk covers the top ten new features that will appear in the Postgres 9.5 release.

This meeting will be hosted by MailChimp ( at their facilities in Ponce City Market, and additionally sponsored by EnterpriseDB (, who is sending Bruce to come speak. We are very thankful to both of these companies for their support!

Parking instructions are as follows:

• Ponce City Market parking is located in the ground level lots off of North Ave. These lots are highlighted in light pink on page 2 of the parking instructions map ( PCM requires guests to pay for parking upon arrival. To help with parking time, it is advisable to download the free Parkmobile app on your phone and setup an account. If you don't have a Smartphone, you can just use the Parkmobile stations upon arrival. After setting up an account and arriving at Ponce City Market, park and login to Parkmobile and choose the desired amount of hours to cover.

• Setting up your account with P​arkmobile​: ​We suggest you go ahead and create an account before arriving. The setup process involves inputting your mobile phone number, email address, password, license plate number and state. Parkmobile also requires a credit card on file. Please make sure you use a credit or debit card and not a Paypal account as PCM does not connect with Paypal. A great thing about this app is that it is widely used for other parking lots around the city.

• PCM Entrance Location and MailChimp HQ Location: To access the building, follow the blue arrow on page 3 of the parking instructions map (, which will take you inside to guest services. Once there, you’ll be able to take the elevators to the right of the guest services desk to the fifth floor. Upon exiting the elevator, make a left and walk towards the Mailchimp front desk, where someone will be able to let you in.

675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE #5000 · Atlanta, GA