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Interested in LoRa, IOT or hacking in general? Join us

The developer community in Philadelphia has seen increasing activity in LPWAN (Low-Power Wide-Area Network) and LPN (Low-Power Network) wireless telecommunication, and wide area network design. Lot’s of what’s happening in our community is through LoRa technology. Let's talk about it.

A sample of stuff we'll meet and talk about:

1. Experiences, current and future developments of long range communications at a low bit rate

2. What's happening with connected objects/battery powered sensors

3. What's happening in wireless WAN that could move to LPWAN?

4. Use cases in private wireless sensor networks

5. Use cases in service and infrastructure

6. What's happening in gateway technologies

7. LoRa platforms and applications development tools

8. Data management, data application enablement and commercialization, and building towards large scale data monetization

9. Insert your suggestions here…

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