Group Project: Building a solution for a non-profit together? AND Style Guides


Hello everyone!

We have two parts to this meeting.

For the first half hour, Colin Keefe will talk through some ways to implement the look and feel specified by Corporate Style Guides in Themes, using layouts designed to visually represent the Theme design.

For the rest of the meeting, we will talk about working on a project as a group!

We are cribbing a team development concept that FileMaker used for the 2016 DevCup Challenge: find a worthy non-profit, define a limited scope of work and collectively build software for them. Details are to be worked out but in this meeting we will be gauging interest.

We will be meeting on a more frequent basis in 2019, in the ITS offices, and if we can work out the kinks in this idea, we would be using half of our user group time to check in on progress for this pro-bono project.

Hope you can come and discuss!